Goals 2012  

Federal and state law require the California Workforce Investment Board, on behalf of the Governor, to develop a Strategic Workforce Investment Plan that articulates a single vision for integrating multiple education, training, and employment funding streams. A working group of state agency directors recently developed the broad outlines of this vision based on good regional practices and achieved consensus on common goals.

Since the California economy is not a monolith, but many regional economies each competing globally, our state-level model must support regional business-labor-community-government skills alliances focused on: 

• growing industry sectors with the best potential for lots of good jobs; 

• establishing career pathways for those most in need; 

• blending resources among multiple partners. 

To date, three regional focus groups were held in the Bay Area, Central Valley, and Southern California. The intent of the focus groups was to get consensus on common goals for the system that are both actionable and achievable as well as solicit specific action steps for the state.

The Strategic Workforce Investment Plan outlines the vision and goals for the next five years, but the plan itself will be a living document capable of being amended to reflect the needs of regional workforce and economic partners.

In an effort to maintain transparency all documents from the state working group and regional focus groups will be posted here:

  • Regional Focus Group PowerPoint Presentation
  • For comments or questions please email CWIBInfo@cwib.ca.gov