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For your information and review are hyperlinks to the appendices to California’s Strategic Workforce Development Plan.  Chapters 1-11 of this Plan were reviewed by the State Workforce Investment Board during its meeting on February 13, 2013.  The public comments we received are being reviewed and the final Plan will be submitted to the US Department of Labor by April 15, 2013 for their evaluation and approval.

Technical Assistance Forum Questions and Answers

Local Plan Technical Assistance Overview Presentation

State Plan Sections

Cover Page

Table of Contents


Chapter 1 Introduction

Chapter 2 California's Economy

Chapter 3 Governor's Vision

Chapter 4 Common Goals and Objectives

Chapter 5 Local Boards and One-Stop Actions in Support of SWDP 

Chapter 6 WIA WPA Performance Outcomes and Measures

Chapter 7 Workforce System Overview

Chapter 8 State Operating Systems Supporting the SWDP

Chapter 9 State Legislation and Policy

Chapter 10 Services to State Target Populations 

Chapter 11 Assurances and Attachments and Gov. Sig. EDD Edits 

Signature Page

Appendix A Program Designees and Governor's Signature

Appendix A Signature Page  

Appendix B Glossary of Acronyms and Abbreviations

Appendix C LMI Attachments

Appendix D WIA Waiver Requests  

Appendix E State Board Member Roster 

Appendix F  LWIA Roster

Appendix G State Working Group Roster

Appendix H Local Planning Guidance

Appendix I HPB Standard

Appendix J Section 166 Grantees

Appendix K Section 167 Grantees

Appendix L WPA Ag Plan

Appendix M SCSEP State Plan

Appendix N Joint Letter to LWIBs

Appendix O Q&A Local Plan Technical Assistance Sessions

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